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Rio de Janeiro, August 22, 2017 03h15

Rio 2016

Rio Media Center

Press Areas

RMC Press Area-5 press1 press2

Press areas are external areas provided by Rio City Hall upon reservation that will be located at strategic points across the city during the Rio 2016 Games, in order to ease live broadcasts with unobstructed background and privileged scenic backdrops. The City Hall assures the parking of Satellite Units (uplink cars) in those locations. During the day, the places will have press officers from the municipality to assist with the work of journalists, and municipal guards to assure its safety, including at night.

As the number of slots is limited, to have access to these spots the crew must make a prior reservation at riomediacenter.com.br. For the Paralympic Games, the press areas are available from September 5 to September 20, from 6am to 11pm.

There will be no internet and electricity facilities in the press areas thus the media outlet should assure them. It is important to note that it will not be allowed to build any kind of structure, including stages, tents or similar, in any of the listed areas. Crew vehicles that do not respect the scheduled time will be towed.

In press areas close to arenas and on competition days, the access to the reserved parking bays is forbidden. Therefore, satellite units need to be parked the previous night and connections and facilities required for the live broadcast should be set beforehand as well. If you have any doubt about the use of Press Areas, please approach an RMC press advisor.

For more information about Press Areas, contat us by the e-mail [email protected] or the phones (21) 97354-7633 / (21) 98555-9344

IMPORTANT: If you want to shoot in a public space outside the Press Areas, and do not need a physical structure or to park in a forbidden spot, you do not need to ask for the City Hall’s permission. The content must nevertheless be for journalistic use.

MAP: Below you’ll find a map with all the info on the 3 press areas, including all public health units located in every region. Just click on the number or press area of your choice, and a box will open on the attached map. Click on the address and you’ll be redirected to Google Maps, which will give the best options of transport and routes.

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  • 1

    Maracanã – UERJ Terrace

    Maracanã – UERJ Terrace

    With the opening and closing ceremonies stage as a backdrop, as well as soccer finals, the press area located on the terrace of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) – Maracanã Campus – is one of the busiest. For transmissions happening on days with events at the stadium, vehicles and the set up at UERJ shall be done the day before, and journalists, camera operators and their assistants must walk to the press area at the schedule times.

    Ver no Google Maps:

    Maracanã – UERJ Terrace

    Endereço: Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro - UERJ – Gate 7 – Pavilhão Reitor Haroldo Lisboa da Cunha – Maracanã

  • 2

    Copacabana Beach

    Copacabana Beach

    The most famous beach in Brazil, Copacabana attracts legions of tourists. The beach will host Olympic disciplines such as beach volleyball, aquatic marathon, road cycling and triathlon – the last three are street competitions. The press area is installed in Atlantic Avenue’s median and allows a full view of the beach.

    Ver no Google Maps:

    Copacabana Beach

    Endereço: Atlantic Avenue’s median, next to Siqueira Campos Street – Copacabana

  • 3

    Olympic Park Viewpoint

    Olympic Park Viewpoint

    Located on Jacarepaguá Lagoon’s opposite waterfront to the Olympic Park, the belvedere provides a view of the heart of the Rio 2016 Games. The press area is built on a structure located on the street next to the entrance of Alphaville condominium, in Barra da Tijuca.

    Ver no Google Maps:

    Olympic Park Viewpoint

    Endereço: Jorge Curi Avenue, n/nº. Access through Américas Avenue, towards Recreio dos Bandeirantes, and in Avenida Rachel de Queiroz) – Barra da Tijuca