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Rio de Janeiro, July 26, 2017 13h45

Rio 2016

Rio Media Center

Paralympics Athletes say farewell to Rio listening to the music of maestro João Carlos Martins 

20/09/2016, 16:08

Galeão13Maestro and pianist João Carlos Martins performs to the Paralympics delegations at the airport / Photo: Thiago Saramago
Galeão2Maestro and pianist João Carlos Martins performs to the Paralympics delegations at the airport / Photo: Thiago Saramago
Galeão17Passengers leave messages in the board / Photo: Thiago Saramago
Galeão10Passengers leave messages in the board / Photo: Thiago Saramago
Galeão4Hands and Feet Painters Association (APBP) perform during the farewell to the Paralympics delegations / Photo: Thiago Saramago
Galeão7Luís Otávio, blind pianist, perform at Projeto Música no Ar at Tom Jobim Airport / Photo: Thiago Saramago
Galeão15Banda Sargento Pimenta's show to the Paralympics delegation / Photo: Thiago Saramago

On this Monday (September 19) the renowned maestro and pianist João Carlos Martins – a symbol of perseverance and one of the greatest musicians in the world – gave the Paralympics delegations embarking in Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim a special performance. The maestro was accompanied by two groups: a camerata  of 10 other musicians, and Sargento Pimenta, a street band made famous in carioca carnival by playing samba versions of pop songs and Beatles’ classics. João Carlos Martins participated in several events during the Games: he played the National Anthem for the Opening Ceremony  in Maracanã, interpreted songs by Villa- Lobos and Carlinhos Brown at Madureira Park, and performed in the Paralympics Torch arrival ceremony on September 6. The pianist, who went through 22 surgeries, said music taught him to overcome obstacles. According to him, Olympic athletes are heroes but Paralympics athletes are super-heroes.

Apart from seeing João Carlos Martins, passengers of the Paralympics family and regular tourists who embarked in the first day after the ending of the Games were also offered other special attractions. In a giant message board, visitors going home could leave notes to Rio.  The first ones to leave the country also saw a live painting by 11 artists from APBP ( acronym in Portuguese for Hands and Feet Painters Association). The visually disabled pianist Luís Otávio also performed in the special edition of ‘Música no Ar’, a new project created by RIOgaleão, the company that manages the airport.

To guarantee a fast service and the clients’ comfort, the concessionary and airlines opened check-in tables five hours before flights. At the Athletes Village, the check-in was made in advance, as was the case during the Olympics. Using online check-in, athletes printed their boarding card and dispatched their luggage, which was transported by locked trucks straight to the airport. These measures allowed athletes to pass through the x-ray scan right after arriving at the airport.