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Rio de Janeiro, July 26, 2017 13h43

Rio 2016

Rio Media Center

Para-triathlon – Copacabana

10/09/2016, 17:36

ParaTriatlo01Photo: J. P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo02Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo03Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo04Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo06Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo07Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo08Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo11Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo12Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo14Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo15Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo16Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo17Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht
ParaTriatlo18Photo: J.P. Engelbrecht

If the Paralympic athletes already impress us for their strong will, and determination to overcome limitations, what can we say about athletes dedicated to triathlon, which consists of swimming competitions at sea (750 m), cycling races (in hand bikes, which require hand pedaling over 20-km), and a race on wheelchairs (5 km)? This Saturday (Sept. 10), those spectators who were in Copacabana had a chance to see these super athletes in action. In exhausting competitions, they showed their strength and talent and were honored by the public in the beautiful setting of the world’s most famous beach. A recognition more than deserved, captured by photojournalist JP Engelbrecht.