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Rio de Janeiro, July 26, 2017 13h45

Rio 2016

Rio Media Center

Brazil’s participation in Rio 2016 Paralympic Games was better than in London 2012, and will be even better in Tokyo 2020, says Minister of Sport

18/09/2016, 18:35

Source: Federal Goverment

Brazilian Paralympians have duly fulfilled their promise that Brazil would win medals every day during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, celebrated Brazilian Minister of Sport Leonardo Picciani during a news conference held this Sunday (18 September) at Rio Media Center. Ranked eighth in the medals table, Brazil has reached the last day of competitions of the Paralympic Games with 72 medals (14 Golds, 29 Silvers and 29 Bronzes). In London 2012, Brazilian parathletes won 43 medals. “I want to thank Brazil’s Paralympic athletes for their extraordinary achievements, which have filled us with pride and admiration,” said Picciani.

According to the minister, ticket sales in Rio surpassed Beijing 2008 with 2.1 million tickets. The result is second only to London 2012. The Paralympic Games also surpassed the record attendance at the Barra Olympic Park set during the Olympic Games. In just one day, 167,000 people attended Paralympic competitions, 10,000 more than the Olympic high.

About the country’s results in the competition, Picciani pointed out that the Brazilian delegation played 99 Paralympic finals in 2016, and ends its participation with several unprecedented medals. “We won our first silver and bronze in road cycling, as well as other unprecedented medals in table tennis and weightlifting. In total, there were 32 medals we had never won before,” said the minister, noting that every Paralympian who reached a podium during the Games received incentive from the federal government through the Bolsa Atleta (“Athlete Grant”).

This was also Brazil’s best campaign ever in the Paralympic Games for women athletes, celebrated Picciani. Out of the 72 medals achieved by Team Brazil, 19 were won by women. “Our assessment is that Brazil’s participation was absolutely positive, but we want Tokyo 2020 to be even better than Rio 2016, which was already much better than our participation in London 2012. Tokio 2020 will certainly be even better,” he said.

From now on, the Ministry of Sports will concentrate its focus on the National Sports Plan, which will establish guidelines for the next ten years, and on the definition of coordinated actions between public and private entities. According to Picciani, the Ministry will act on three fronts: “high-performance sport”, “participation and leisure for the general population” and “sports education”, the latter focusing on children and youth in early stages of development. The federal government’s incentive programmes for athletes with and without disabilities will be maintained, said the minister, with improvements to Bolsa Pódio (“Podium Grant”) and the continuity of Bolsa Atleta. (“Athlete Grant”)

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