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Rio de Janeiro, August 22, 2017 03h09

Rio 2016

Rio Media Center

About RMC

About RMC

What is it?

The Rio Media Center (RMC) will be an important reference point for media representatives from the national and international industries, who will come to the city to cover stories that are not related to sports. They will follow the daily life in Rio and get to know the urban transformations that will stay as part of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games’ legacy, pointing out its characteristics and amplifying the visibility of the Marvelous City, as well as the world’s largest sports event.

The space aims mainly at helping journalists to get in touch with the main urban, cultural, social and touristic attractions in the city. To do so, the RMC structure is organized in a way to offer facilities and information to the press. The RMC will be located at the Olympic Pavilion, in Madre Tereza de Calcutá Street, Cidade Nova, no number – a 2,700m2 building in a central and strategic location, besides the Rio 2016 Committee and less than 200 meters from Cidade Nova subway station (line 2) and Estacio subway station (line 1), offering connection to train stations and to the LRT.

RMC’s building will open on July 27, 2016. The credentials will be available for collection on spot on July 25 and 26, from 9am to 7pm, or anytime once it officially opens. The center will be open 24/7 until August 23. After that, it will pause its activities from Aug 24 to Sep 4. The RMC will reopen on September 5, every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, and will close again on September 20.



Fully structured, the Rio Media Center will be pivotal to  ease the work of the press professional, with 130 workstations and free access to broadband and Wi-Fi services, telephones and printers, besides big screens to follow the competitions, meeting rooms, two TV studios and six radio studios; broadcast services and spots for image generation.

The venue will have professional staff to give information about Rio, the Games, touristic and cultural agenda and other issues – in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Rio Media Center will offer a daily and diversified program, with interviews, press briefings and press tours, among other activities.


A bit of history

Rio Media Center will follow the international standards adopted in open media centers in previous editions of summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The necessity of a physical structure for the non-credentialed press professional was born during the Atlanta 1996 Games, when millions of journalists from all over the world were on the spot to cove a terrorist attack, but were not able to have access to work-related resources.

For the Games’ next edition, Sydney 2000, the first Center for Non-Credentialed Press was opened, offering adequate installations for the outlets covering non-sports related issues in the city.

Throughout the years, the structure has been getting more space, as a place to disseminate the characteristics and initiatives from the Olympic host cities, and contributing to improve the Games’ legacy by means of a giving it a wider, international visibility, as well as creating incentives for the host cities to reposition themselves in the global spectrum.